Why Community Building Is Central To The Success Of A Blockchain Project

Understanding the Mechanics of Blockchain Ecosystem Participation

  • Having a clear vision for project;
  • Establishing transparent community contribution guidelines;
  • Fostering advocacy by encouraging community members to evangelise;
  • Providing incentives, tools and resources that encourage participation on all levels of project development;
  • Communicating the value of contributions and rewarding the community for their efforts and dedication; and
  • Creating consistencies in key messaging concepts and a project’s vision, roadmap or code of ethics.
  • Active community members;
  • Reliable community support and communication channels;
  • Consistent community contributors, developers, and community growth marketers;
  • Participants that value, personal privacy and human rights, transparency, openness, and professionalism; and
  • Well-managed feedback and reporting mechanisms, etc.
  • Serve as touchpoints between technology adopters and the broader consumer, retail investor ecosystems;
  • Proactively build the developer ecosystem and maintain collaborative relationships with blockchain and other startup communities;
  • Ensure the projects’ value propositions are communicated clearly to ensure brands are positioned, deployed and supported globally;
  • Devise formal and out-of-the-box influencing strategies, such as building behind-the-scenes support from important opinion-formers;
  • Assist with the development and fostering of relationships across different markets globally;
  • Help develop and manage direct relationships with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure solutions are aligned with their goals and priorities;
  • Drive connections across the token communities to increase impact;
  • Identify and track relevant community metrics and participate in the managing of communication channels; and
  • Proactively build and maintain external networks to access, absorb and apply technical/professional best practices.



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