Triumphant Blockchain business partnership between and Jetcoin Institute, the gold-backed cryptocurrency, became the first ICO to sponsor a European Premier League match in a successful partnership with blockchain-propelled sports and entertainment platform Jetcoin Institute. Puregold’s digitization of gold addresses gold’s immovability issues since the blockchain makes it quicker and simpler to transact using gold. What makes Jetcoin Institute a unique partner for Puregold is that it connects athletes, teams, and fans to social media platforms and big brands through the use of blockchain technology in order to promote commercial contracts, image rights or fan bases across the globe in a seamless way.

This is made possible through the management of the distribution process of the digital fuel called Jetcoin or JET via Jetcoin Contracts and proof of social engagement. The concept is revolutionary and the partnership with Puregold was timely since the team also has a diverse range of best-in-class expertise, knowledge and experiences from Finance, Asset Management, Technology, Marketing and Communication sectors. Essentially, the Jetcoin Institute scouts for new, raw and exciting talent and buys a part of their image rights. These talents become the Jetcoin Champions and can be from sports, music or media backgrounds. By introducing the Jetcoin cryptocurrency, Jetcoin provides fans with an opportunity to invest coins in their favorite Champions so that they can stand to also benefit from the potential career successes of their select Jetcoin Champs. With their new partnership, Puregold plans to extend openings with the blockchain-fueled sports and entertainment network to also support their Jetcoin Champions.

Revolutionary deals made possible with blockchain technology

Puregold has previously sponsored games shown on a global scale and that have visibility to millions worldwide. By offering the first payment gateway using cryptocurrency backed by gold, is truly innovative in its approach which makes it an ideal partner for pioneers in the sports and entertainment blockchain space such as the Jetcoin Institute. Jetcoin has a unique business model and value proposition that secures a percentage from talents’ contracts or from the club and issues Jetcoin contracts which typically are representative of a fraction of future earnings. Those contracts are then offered in JET to fans who may wish to benefit from the potential future successes of the selected rising talents. Together with partners, the Jetcoin Institute then begins the process of implementing the talents’ career plans using their management and development experts while keeping fans engaged with the progress.

The big business of sport is still one of the highest revenue generating sectors across all industries and with sporting events something that enthusiasts continue to enjoy, the opportunity to sponsor events of such great magnitude as the European Football League matches was perfect opportunity for all parties involved. EPL remains the highest grossing commercial sports entity among all European football leagues with some impressive earnings running into the billions of Euros annually. The global televised audiences for their matches are in the tens of millions per game. Having access to such diverse international audiences enormously enhances brand visibility which Puregold is certainly excited about since it also presents the opportunity to bring greater awareness of their blockchain initiative to a broader audience.

Golden boot to gold-backed cryptocurrency

It is evident that Blockchain innovation will likely change the way we transact in the future. offers digital money that is backed by gold, since the precious metal has long since been considered one of the most robust and stable forms of storing value. To foster a strong community of users for Pure Gold Tokens, they have reserved a significant portion of their efforts in expanding their PG-Pay which is aimed bringing a fast-transacting and efficient payment method for digital gold transactions. The strengths of marrying blockchain technology with traditionally trusted asset classes such as gold is proving to be a stabilizing factor in what has recently been a volatile cryptocurrency marketplace.

As the first payment gateway backed by gold, Puregold has a solid team working hard to establish and grow the community. Becoming the first initial coin offering to sponsor European Premier League matches is testament to their resilience in trying to push the envelope as far as expanding blockchain’s applications and use cases while also promoting the growth in this burgeoning new sector. partnered up with Jetcoin to sponsor a total of six games which should do wonders in bringing to people’s attention the new developments taking place in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The capability to implement transparent transactions in a secure and anonymous way in the digital space has finally achieved implementation and more entities continue to scale-up and solve the complex challenges that this space is still faced with. With the idea of digital gold becoming more accepted, Puregold’s payment gateway solution aims to capitalize on these developments. Their platform will enable access to transaction history, management of payment details, customized loyalty and cash back programs, including QR code payments. The Puregold platform caters to most of the enterprise features through easy-to-deploy prebuilt objects. Puregold APIs help bring access to gold currency wallets and exchanges, gold currency and token payments, gold systems for payments on and off-line, loyalty programs, and so much more.

The future of blockchain-powered sports and entertainment

Jetcoin’s ambitions to make sporting and entertainment more equitable for the base which truly makes those successes possible means that it aims to ensure fans are compensated for driving the economics of celebrity marketing. Their platform is set to become a truly democratic and open way for fans to be involved in the success of their sports and entertainment stars. By bringing together experts from diverse fields such as advertising and marketing, blockchain technology, business strategy, economic, sports and media, strategy and management — they are fulfilling their vision to be the enabler of a new entertainment ecosystem.

Big sporting games are a fantastic way to promote legitimate cryptocurrencies especially at a time where there are some controversies about the legalities of promoting blockchain projects on digital platforms. Facebook for instance recently took a stance against promoting ICOs on their platform for understandable reasons but there is a danger of branding all ICOs or crowdfunding projects in the crypto space as nothing more than scams which negatively impacts the growth and enormous potential for innovative solutions to be made available to the world through this groundbreaking blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.

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