Top 10 lessons I learned from networking with other entrepreneurs

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  1. Naturally, no one is interested in your idea. You have to persuade and prove you’re capable of turning the idea into a business success.
  2. Do something you’re passionate about instead of chasing the trend. Success is not guaranteed and failure is almost inevitable if you don’t love what you’re doing.
  3. Constantly seek well-thought-out criticism but don’t let people who you may respect tell you it can’t be done because often they too lack courage to do it.
  4. Create a business model that is ubiquitous and doesn’t have limits.
  5. Boost the perceived value of your product or service through effectively communicating the utility, benefits and values that the customer expects to get in using it.
  6. Maximise the probability that when people come across your offering, they find a solution.
  7. Look for the best in people and seek company of those who have already walked the path you intend to embark on. Also, you don’t have to be the best at everything, but you need to know enough to build on your idea, concept it and share it with the world so that you can draw the best people to the idea and with their involvement, you can make it better.
  8. The extend to which you have the courage to maintain your conviction around your ideas and the principles behind them is the degree to which you are going be successful over the long term.
  9. Once you gain momentum, maintain it.
  10. Nothing is impossible — just keep on hustling!

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