Tech tools and tips from IT leaders facing a post-crisis world

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Whether it’s an increased deployment of collaborative tools to handle staff teleworking from home, or undertaking significant changes in the way technology and services are procured and deployed, navigating the coronavirus crisis — and the post-pandemic world — requires a rethinking of IT strategy.

To get more insight about how business and IT strategy is changing, we talked to tech leaders on the African continent about business continuity planning and how to implement better practices to increase business resilience and spur organisational growth in a negative global economic environment.

Crisis puts emphasis on business continuity

“IT investment and digital transformation in companies is often prioritised around the revenue generation functions; however, in times of crisis it becomes a matter of survival to ensure that there’s continuity in key operational functions or the Critical Value Chain (CVC) activities of an organisation,” said Nirshan Harryparshad, interim CIO of South Africa-based financial services provider Ithala SOC Limited.

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