Summit Special: A Meeting at Mar-a-Lago

Xi: so, we finally meet
Trump: isn’t that great?
Xi: frankly, you’ve been talking a lot of shi* of late, trying to make me sweat, huh?
Trump: big league!
Xi: well, it’s not going to work… so stop with the threats
Trump: believe me, things will change
Xi: yes, they must… and remember it’s not only America that wants to be great
Trump: but America first
Xi: nonsense, not if you don’t accept the one China policy or compromise on trade and of course, the South China Sea
Trump: make no mistake, if it comes down to it, I will not hesitate…
Xi: now just stop right there, don’t forget you need us to keep Kim tamed
Trump: that rogue sure needs to be kept in check but it’s in your greater interests to keep NK from becoming a totally failed state otherwise you may end up with a democracy right at your doorstep, and that will be the beginning of the end, wouldn’t it?
Xi: no need to further explain, I get it
Trump: and don’t think I will not annihilate if he begins to really pose a serious threat
Xi: are you talking nuclear weapons
Trump: oh no, just robots with no Ethical Governor, that will do the trick!
Xi: point taken
Trump: big win! until next time we meet
Xi: zàijiàn

Heath Muchena, 2017

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