With the 2018 Fifa World Cup already in the quarter final stages, the fan frenzy is truly fascinating and fun, but imagine if the all-knowing football fans across the globe had a platform where they could interact and engage with each other in never-seen-before ways. Well, football fanatics all over the world should be thrilled to know that the first fantasy football Token Sale will be ongoing until the end of the July. STRYKZ is a community driven platform that gives fans an opportunity to make use of their football knowledge to challenge other players and win.

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With over half of the world’s population engaged in football on some level, either as players, fans, promoters, advertisers, clubs, etc. there is a huge demand for more and more interactivity among fans with their favourite teams and players.

The sports entertainment industry is fast recognizing the importance of captivating fans in different ways since simply turning on the game is not satisfactory enough especially for the avid fans. Increasingly fans want to engage directly and put their understanding of the world’s game to the test. Looking to bridge that gap is Stryking which specialises in sports fan engagement and monetisation by combining the real and virtual world to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands.

Stryking’s fantasy sports platform is designed to provide hundreds of millions of fans with the most immersive and interactive experiences to manage teams, compete against peers in daily challenges and get rewards. Turning passion into a beneficial and decentralised ecosystem is what Stryking is proposing and their hope is to turn this passion into online engagement thereby creating new opportunities for all parties involved.

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The innovative team at Stryking are developing a fantasy sports platform called Football-Stars which will be powered by the crypto token STRYKZ which has some amazing features such as in-game utility to enable greater user participation. The company specialises in sports fan engagement and has secured some credible partnerships including with Germany’s biggest football website Kicker and their recent cooperation with renowned footballer Luís Figo, a retired Portuguese legend who played as a for top clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

The Stryking team hope that by bringing high profile stars on board to support their efforts to promote Football-Stars, more people will take an in-depth look into their value proposition. According to Figo, “When I heard about Football-Stars for the first time I immediately liked the idea. Football becomes more and more data driven with detailed statistics about all aspects of the game — this is what Stryking’s platform utilizes to create a compelling fan experience.

By launching the one-of-a-kind fantasy sports platform which offers thrilling and diversified gaming experiences online via both desktop and mobile platforms, Stryking is spearheading the inevitable change that blockchain technology is bound to bring to the world of sports and entertainment. What’s fascinating about the Football-Stars platform is that users get the chance to become coach and manager, set up their own dream teams of real players and compete against other fans in leagues and daily challenges. The results are calculated, based on actual players‘ real-life performance data which is extracted from the real football leagues.

What makes Stryking unique is that unlike other already existing fantasy sports platforms which centrally provide different fantasy leagues and contests for users to choose from while still having the operators of those platforms define the content, the winning criteria and the costs for users to participate, Stryking is taking a different approach by giving fans the opportunity to not only participate in pre-defined games, but also equipping them with tools and the freedom to create their own fantasy sports content and contests. Active users, developers, business consultants and other contributors will be able to sign up to the STRYKZ rewards program, enabling them to be a part of the future development of STRYKZ’s offerings.

STRYKZ will be launched by an experienced management team and ultimately the team’s vision is to extend the platform beyond just football and into other fantasy sports games. As far as the STRYKZ tokens are concerned, one major point to highlight is that the tokens could be used to engage fans through rewards for participation and incentives to keep user engagement levels growing. The tokens will also be used to reward fans for contributing content to the platform, generating and promoting their own token-based challenges, creating news pieces and videos or providing services that enhance the user experience. STRYKZ tokens may also be used as an incentive for developers, consultants, marketing partners and others to stimulate growth within the ecosystem. STRYKZ tokens however, are not designed to be investment products or securities but will be used predominantly as a medium of exchange.

The smart contract based STRYKZ tokens on issue are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens which are hoped will enable secure end-to-end traceable in-game transactions and reward schemes within the Football-Stars platform. The future for STRYKZ tokens appears to be promising and the team envisage different use cases for the tokens such as using them to provide early access to new features, access to VIP-Club and exclusive content, access to user-generated challenges, and so much more.

For more information please visit the website and if you’re interested in participating the token sale you can register and get involved.

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