Social Media Marketing Strategy — The Solution

If you’re hoping to simply make an impact from your social media marketing efforts, or like most, get a return on the time and resources invested in your SMM activities, then you definitely need an effective social media strategy. Now, you may be wondering where to start or what it is that you need to consider or prioritise when devising such a strategy in order that you can get satisfactory results. Well, if so, then you might find this quick guide useful.

The purpose here is to assist you with setting the right objectives and goals to enable impactful execution because successfully reaching your desired audiences or potential customers requires that you:

1. Establish Your Objectives

All the elements of your strategy should help you achieve the outcomes you want. It’s important that you’re clear about your intentions so that it’s easier to manage your expectations. A good starting point is to evaluate the needs of your enterprise or endeavour before you begin the actual SMM exercises. Think about how you’ll employ the various techniques and then figure out which platforms and tools you’ll use. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness then it’s important to identify the platforms where people with potential interest in your particular brand or product are most active.

2. Set Up A System To Help You Measure Your Goals

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to understand that if you don’t have a system in place to help you quantify and qualify your SMM activities, then there’s no way you can realistically measure the effectiveness of your initiatives. It actually doesn’t take much effort to research where the right tools you’ll need to manage your SMM and provide you with the data for analysis can be found. That same data will be indispensible in helping you adapt your strategy and monitor which methods work best and which ones may need tweaking after your campaign goes live. Most of these tools are actually available to you for free; you’ll just need to be a bit resourceful.

3. Study Your Audiences or Potential Customers

One of the biggest challenges of operating in the digital domain is that aside from having tools to help you interpret data; the accurate profiling of ideal audiences or customers is not so simple and straightforward. Remember, you’re trying to connect with real people and human nature although predictable can present countless variables. A lot has to be considered for example, your message delivery, timing, etc. That’s where disciplines such as sentiment analysis and behavioural economics may come in handy. You don’t need to have sophisticated expertise or access to pricey tools to gain insights into human attitudes and behaviours. Often it’s as simple as making patient observations and having the willingness to be experimental, not forgetting the courage to engage your audiences or customers in an authentic way to understand their needs and how you can tailor your offering so that it’s personable even when it’s being presented at a macro level.

Ultimately, the most important factor in ensuring you have the right strategy for your offering has to be your attitude. Unfortunately if you have the ‘go viral’ mentality you’re most likely setting yourself up for disappointment. There are lots of useful materials online which can help you figure out how to go about implementing SMM strategies, but you don’t even need to understand network science to know that there are no shortcuts to building a great social media marketing campaign. The best of them only become big or great not because there was necessarily some mastermind behind them but because they were executed in an organic and genuine way. And since we are more value conscious than we are cost conscious these days, it’s important that your passion becomes the key to creating the connections which can potentially spark revolutionary interest in your brand or product, to give you the much desired and deserved success.

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