For a moment I suspected your boyfriend knew that I’m the one who really has you.
You didn’t even realise, but you almost held my hand.

I guess we’re really in too deep. My girl’s girlfriend just hit me on the low asking questions. Said she saw us at a mall somewhere, and that her other friend saw us by the beach somewhere.

The way we’ve been moving is sloppy, we’re slipping, and sleeping, and creeping, while the world is watching, and listening, and the walls are looking like they are closing in.

Wish we could just go back to the beginning, but to be honest, we’d probably still end up here. But where do we go from here?

It was perfect because we were always working, you were my getaway, I was your comfort. But our separate lives we were still living.

But if you want to take this, us, somewhere… then I guess I’d have to go there… somewhere… because baby — you’re a hot, sexy, smart, adorable mess, and I’m just recklessly addicted to your caress.

© Heath Muchena

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