Racing Towards Emerging Market Domination

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Whatever your opinion is re: Facebook’s Libra network, their focus on the domination of developing and emerging markets using fintech is a smart strategy. Acknowledging these markets as the next frontiers for growth in tech is sound.

What’s your strategy for capturing a part of this potentially high-yielding ground? Africa, as home to one of the highest rates of necessity entrepreneurs in the world & with the demographics to back up growth projections puts it at the centre of global market growth drivers in the decades ahead.

Is it possible that developed markets are threatened by saturation and stagnation as the speed and availability of technology suggests there are huge opportunities for some countries in Africa to capitalize on technology faster than advanced economies?

Is there any likelihood that economic resurgence post the next global financial market downturn will be on the back of the historic hotbed of wealth extraction?

Well, since we are here to talk business and not ethics in the global political economy, let’s chat about helping you establish a footprint to enable your tech to gain adoption on the continent.

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