NaviAddress ICO makes unified digital ID a reality

The new blockchain powered digital decentralized addressing platform NaviAddress is a unified digital address for any location and object in both real and virtual worlds. The platform is set to enable assignment of digital addresses to any place with accurate geo-coordinates. With their unique digital verification, trustless location ID platform; logistic coordination and location identification will be enhanced. The need to deliver a solution to billions of people across the globe, who do not have basic access to an address due to a lack of official or government issued addresses, is the vision behind the project. The problem affects the most marginalized communities around the world residing in informal settlements and refugee camps for instance. Essentially, NaviAddress is similar to a blockchain ID management project since the platform makes it easier, faster, and more secure to document transactions between users and online retailers and/or postal delivery companies.

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Digital address breakthrough technology made possible with Blockchain

It is estimated that each year, millions or even billions of US dollars are lost due to inefficient package delivery and poor logistics networks, postal delivery issues, problems with wrong or misspelling of address or last mile issues. NaviAddress looks to provide an effective solution by geocordinating specific user-ID locations with metadata. The goal is to solve these problems and ensure that people get access to a digital post delivery NaviAddress that is verified by a transaction on the blockchain. This should assist local governments to better deliver basic services to their citizens while creating new market opportunities for e-retailers and ecommerce companies including delivery and logistics companies.

Solving the challenges

· Address verification: confirming that an address is recognized as real and deliverable by the postal or delivery service;

· Address standardization or normalization: changing addresses to adhere to the postal or delivery service standards;

· Geocoding: associating an address or a place with coordinates on the map (and vice versa,

· Reverse Geocoding); and

· “Last Mile” solutions: turn- by-turn guiding from a local delivery hub to the final destination (“to the door”).

What can a NaviAddress do?

There are multiple use cases for NaviAddresses including:

· Visiting a website via the address;

· Making a phone call to the address; and

· Receive deliveries to address.

The alpha version of the NaviAddress blockchain platform integration is being tested and scheduled to be released soon. The company has already established some strategic partnerships and made significant strides for example, in 2016, NaviAddress integrated with Uber and just last year, the company entered into a strategic partnership agreement with and later integrated their systems. The project aims to address a global problem and the team has been actively pursuing partnerships that align with their vision. The NaviAddress team includes CEO and Founder Mikhail Gamzin, an established entrepreneur who has many years of experience as a managing partner in Private Equity and VC Funds. Another core member of the team is CEO and Co-Founder Dmitri Moiseev who was once CEO of Yota devices EMEA. Vice President Mikhail Zelenin has a background in software development and in-depth experience in the banking and ecommerce sectors. The CTO for the project is Dmitri Sukanov whose experience and background is very appropriate to the project having been involved in geoservices and mapping application design for many years. He also leads software development at AdGuard.

The industries which NaviAddress’ technology targets include:

· Autonomous vehicles

· Taxi and Transportation

· E-commerce, Delivery and Fulfillment

· Real Estate

· Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes

· Smart cities and governments

· IoT

· Above-the-line advertisement

To date NaviAddress has more than 1.5 million NaviAddresses in their system, which mainly consists of business addresses. There are already more than 60,000 registered users on the platform. Their ICO is currently LIVE until March 31, 2018 at 15:00 CET. The NVT or NaviTokens which will be used within the platform are available through the ICO. You can read the full terms of their Token Sale here.

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