Leveraging cloud for secure mobile payments

CTO Craven Buitendach highlights how Thumbzup combines in-house developed code with Azure services and in-demand security standards to come up with payment applications for retailers.

Read the full feature at CIO Online. Craven Buitendach is a technology leader experienced in the delivery of applications for the payments, retail, cellular, fuel and healthcare industries. Currently he is CTO of Thumbzup, a payment platform that provides retailers with mobile payment applications. In this Q&A, Buitendach discusses how his company implements cloud and cybersecurity technology for their services, and how IT leaders in Africa can deploy emerging tech. Excerpts:

What have been the main IT achievements of your organisation locally in the past year? Can you give us some insight into your technology stack?

It has been an exciting and busy year for us. We are the only payment terminal manufacturer in South Africa, if not Africa — manufacturing our payment terminals from the ground up in Centurion.

We have launched the first “card present” financial switch [for in-person transations] on Microsoft Azure in South Africa with the required PCI-DSS and PCI-PIN certifications. Our solution also received the coveted PCI-P2PE [payment card security] certification, which adds a significant saving to our customers’ compliance bills.

On the payment terminal front, we have in conjunction with our partners Absa Bank, Sunmi and Tactile Technologies, integrated and EMVco-Level-3-certified an exciting range of new Android-driven devices.

We approach our stack with a security-first mindset where we can enable Azure’s IaaS and PaaS capabilities to complement our solutions built on a low-level native approach of C, C++ and Java.

Read the full article at CIO Online.

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