How to balance data access and security

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For CIOs, implementing technology to support new business models often means deploying systems to target content at different devices, while at the same time enabling secure and compliant tracking of consumer behaviour. This is particularly true for technology leaders in the media business.

In this Q&A, Craig Ruurds — a senior IT leader with more than 20 years of experience supporting film, television, and other media companies — talks to CIO about data security, cloud, and helping businesses leverage technology to provide a competitive edge. Ruurds is currently chief technology and information officer at KwikTec, a provider of streaming video management and distribution platforms.

How crucial is data in times of global crisis and how can data be harnessed effectively to help organizations formulate and execute responsive data strategies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly drawn attention to the critical nature of data. We saw a significant shift from the importance of data security to data availability. It isn’t that security is suddenly not important. The need to protect our data will not change anytime soon. However, with the inherent disruption of a global crisis, companies were suddenly scrambling to access their data efficiently. As we are certainly aware, there is a massive migration to cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. However, many organizations protect their data by limiting access to it from outside the confines of their physical locations. That is certainly one way to restrict access. However, it is a way that can cause serious issues when your entire workforce is suddenly forced to operate remotely. I think this crisis may be an opportunity for a fresh evaluation of how we will handle data during any future global disruptions. Loss of access to data brings operations to a standstill. The question will be, how can we maintain the highest level of security while ensuring data is always available no matter what the crisis.

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