How Jubilee Insurance is using AI, IoT and RPA to beat the competition

In this Q&A, Stanley Mwangi Chege, CIO of the East Africa-based insurance company Jubilee Insurance explains how to handle crisis-driven digital transformation, and top IT trends confronting tech leaders in 2021.

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Stanley Mwangi Chege has had a 27-year-long professional career as a technology leader, recently becoming group CIO of Jubilee Insurance after leaving a similar position at Madison Group Kenya. Jubilee is based in Kenya, with offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Mauritius. In this interview, Chege discusses plans to tap emerging technology including robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT) to optimize business processes and fuel growth. Edited excerpts:

What does your digital transformation agenda for 2021 look like?

We shall upgrade from digital optimization projects to digital transformation projects. We intend on leveraging mobility, AI, robotics, cloud, analytics and IoT — not only to reduce costs and to increase revenue, and speed up processes, but to also transform the business model in order to leapfrog the competition.

How are you accelerating the development of digital tech capabilities within your organisation?

We are leveraging accelerating technologies, namely IoT and artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to drive revenues up and ensure operational excellence. Omnichannel data servicing will integrate and synchronize all channels through seamlessly shared information, highly automated processes, well-designed technology environments, unified data, as well as advanced tools for analytics. Greater proliferation of sensor-based technology, increased automation and AI will enable us to develop a much stronger understanding of the overall insurable landscape. IoT and automation are no longer considered as an innovation but have now emerged as the core components of the insurer’s survival and growth toolkit. Using embedded telematics devices will help us track customer behaviour and offer commensurate insurance premiums.

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